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Spanish kiddie rides manufacturer Falgas has some significant sales successes in the Middel East, but at the DEAL trade show in Dubai in mid-April, the company revealed that the Carousel Heron is one of its most popular attractions at present. “We have five of them already in Saudi Arabia”, said the company’s general manager Jose Saus. “There are orders on the books from several other countries in the region, too.” The carousel is particulary suited for FECs because it is so compact, with 20 seats and eight horses, and a diameter of only 5.2m.

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Baby Animals!

New children attraction for mall and small places!

Funny animal rides (lion and rhino) with electric motor that slide on flat surfaces:

· Made of fiberglass and hand-painted. Hygienic and easy to clean.

· Base with LED lights (red/green).

· 1 seat for 3-6 years-old children.

· 1 pedal with pressure sensor (adjustable) play/stop.

· Customizable coin machine (coins/tokens).