Baby Animals!

New children attraction for mall and small places!

Funny animal rides (lion and rhino) with electric motor that slide on flat surfaces:

· Made of fiberglass and hand-painted. Hygienic and easy to clean.

· Base with LED lights (red/green).

· 1 seat for 3-6 years-old children.

· 1 pedal with pressure sensor (adjustable) play/stop.

· Customizable coin machine (coins/tokens).

Thanks for your support!


Thanks for your support!

Our warmest thanks to all our customers for their standing confidence and long term fidelity in our products, and to all our friends that visited our booth at the IAAPA Amusement Show 2014.

We are very happy for the interest you all showed in our new developments and also to know that they fulfilled your expectations.

Falgas Team.